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“I will show you purple flowers.”

A visit to a funky vintage store brings unexpected signs from spirit! I recently had an amazing experience that I want to share with you! It’s a wonderful example of those magical, synchronous signs that we can get from those across the veil, letting us know they are with us and assuring us of their continued love. My hope in sharing this is that it will help others be more assured of their own experiences … Read more >

Heart Rocks from My Angels

On a gorgeous summer day in early August last summer, I had an unequivocally incredible experience with my angels as I walked along the southeastern shore of Lake Erie in Dunkirk, New York. I asked them to show me proof that they were with me that day, and would be during the upcoming week, by helping me find heart-shaped rocks.Earlier in the week during a meditation when I was expressing self-doubt and fear about the … Read more >