Heart Rocks from My Angels

On a gorgeous summer day in early August last summer, I had an unequivocally incredible experience with my angels as I walked along the southeastern shore of Lake Erie in Dunkirk, New York. I asked them to show me proof that they were with me that day, and would be during the upcoming week, by helping me find heart-shaped rocks.

Earlier in the week during a meditation when I was expressing self-doubt and fear about the upcoming week I had committed to, my guides and angels assured me I was ready, and promised:

“Have fun! Enjoy! We’ll be with you every step of the way, every second of every day!”

As I set foot on the beach in western NY, that temperate, sunny Sunday, I was recalling their promise and my thoughts went like this:

Okay. I trust that. Well, overall I trust it. But…while I’m on this gorgeous beach today, as I prepare my mind and energy for this week of learning, would you mind showing me? There are tons of rocks and stones. Going on a hunt would be fun!  You know how I love to look for rocks…and I’ve heard of people looking for heart-shaped rocks. What do you think? How about if we do this together? Will you please help me find some to show me that you’re indeed really here and will be with me this week? I know, I know…but I’d just love some concrete proof. You know how I am about the evidence! And I appreciate how much you are always willing to give me that.

My stream of consciousness flowed in that vein as my thoughts went out to my ethereal helpers. Little did I know how much proof lay ahead. I needn’t have worried.  My goodness, did they ever deliver! 


Dare I Ask?

I also began to get the familiar tingles on my left side that I get from Spirit when I’m on to something, or interpret something correctly; so even though I knew it was bold to make this request, I felt they were sending me a signal to go with it.

I’d certainly never asked for specific evidence through a shared activity, nor especially one involving an outcome with objects. I mean…they ARE angels!

I’m usually smart enough to check my hubris at the door and leave it up to them to decide what kind of evidence or proof comes through. I’ve learned that being open to the how and when is usually key for all of us when it comes to receiving signs from the other side!

But this did seem like a fun idea and I needed assurance as I was feeling both giddy with excitement and cautiously nervous about what I’d gotten myself into.

I was in the area for a week-long Advanced Intensive Mediumship course, taught by two of the “best of the best,” Lisa Williams and Sharon Klingler, in nearby Lily Dale, NY.

This tiny, tranquil metaphysical community is known as a vortex of spiritual energy and visited by approximately 22,000 visitors a year from all walks of the globe. This was my third visit for mediumship training and I knew I’d be among highly experienced mediums. I was beginning to have “performance anxiety.”

So, in an effort to set aside those energy-reducing and unproductive thoughts, I set out along the expansive beach of Lake Erie, feeling that my angels were with me.

But do they know where the heart rocks are?

The beach was carpeted with drift wood and layers upon layers of rocks and stones of all sizes, typical of the large fresh water Great Lakes. As I picked up a few rocks that caught my eye – all laying on the top surface – none were a heart shape. After about 15 minutes, I bent down to one I thought looked promising.

As I pulled it out from the other stones I saw that it was nearly heart-shaped, but not enough to convince me it wasn’t a coincidence. I thought to my angels, No, sorry, that doesn’t cut it; the shape isn’t defined enough.

Yes, I realized I was again being bold to question my unseen helpers; but we were in this task together. After all, they love to help us see the wonder, yes?

So, I apologized for being picky but reasoned that they know me well, so they wouldn’t feel bothered. I actually could sense them chuckling.

I continued in the same direction and although I found several interesting rocks, they didn’t fit the bill. Then I looked in the other direction of the beach, about half mile away, and noticed that several other rock hunters were there.

I figured they knew the hot spots so I turned and headed their way.

I walked slowly, trying to look up enough from beneath my feet to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, combined with keeping my eyes peeled on the assortment of stones.


After walking about 25 yards in the new direction, I noticed a tiny periwinkle colored butterfly flying just a short distance from me, very low to the ground.

It was an unusual color and incredibly beautiful.

It circled one area and as I bent to look at it, I found a uniquely shaped rock – almost like the head of an ax, or the shape of Tennessee.

I liked how it felt in my hand and I thought of keeping it, but decided to put it back down. I did notice that near this spot, there was a nice rock-free clearing of sand that I decided to come back to later and sit for awhile.

I headed toward the group of people and saw that they were digging in the rocks looking for beach glass. You can see in the photo above how many rocks and stones make up this beach. That’s not sand; it’s rocks, stones, and pebbles. Now imagine miles of that, layers deep, and how many rocks that is to sort through!

Being Guided

I felt drawn to a spot about 15 feet away, but not wanting to encroach on the hunting ground of the other Rock People, I made sure I wasn’t too close and then I suddenly felt guided to squat down.

As I felt my senses tuning in even more to my angels, I realized I had left everything up to them and wasn’t doing my part of connecting to them with my consciousness. While squatting, I heard from my angels (or guides), “Pick up that little stick and start moving rocks away…as the others are doing.”

lake-erie-rock-huntersWhat a brilliant idea! Why had I gone so long without thinking of that?! It caused me to ignore the multiple layers of rocks I was walking on.

As I began moving stones away, about 4-5 inches down, I heard from my helpers:

“Sometimes you have to dig for the greatest treasures!”

At that point, my eyes felt drawn to one tiny corner of a grey rock – we’re talking less than ¼ inch poking above the other tiny stones.

My eyes felt drawn on their own accord, in the familiar way I was used to when I was guided to look at something when receiving signs from my guides and angels.

So I trusted this and started to pull the corner of that tiny rock. Just at that moment and for the first time since I’d been in that spot, some water ran into the hole and over my fingertips that were holding the tip of the rock.

OMG, it's a Heart Rock!

As it flowed back out, it rinsed off the surrounding sand and pebbles and low and behold, there was a nearly perfect tiny, heart-shaped rock! It’s less than an inch in diameter! WOW! 


(Ultimately, I decided to use this photo and rock as the symbol for my blog header as an example of being Graced by Spirit.)

As I sat stunned and smiling from ear to ear, I thought:

This is so cool! Had I…we…not dug in just that spot, just that far down...if that water hadn’t come in and flowed back out at just that time to clear off this stone…I would have missed it. How could I find that little rock amidst thousands of others, without help. NO way! Thank you, THANK YOU, my Angels! You guys ROCK! 


Then, very clearly in my head, I heard them say with a teasing tone, “Does this suffice?”

They remembered how picky I’d been earlier!

Ha! I laughed out loud; controlling myself enough so as not to alarm the other Rock People of the blond squatted alone on the beach, holding a rock and laughing at it!

Ah, you bet it suffices! You have convinced me and showed me irrefutable proof! Thank you so much. For being with me, for loving me.

Paula on Pinterest

Well, if that wasn’t enough, I was immediately given another, what-are-the-chances moment.

While I was still squatted and looking at the rock, a woman walked by (perhaps she’d seen me softly laughing out loud and figured I might be entertainment or fodder) and nicely asked, “Have you found any good beach glass?”

I said, “No, I’m not actually looking for that. I’m looking for other stones. Look at this one I just found?” wondering if she’d see the same shape that I did.

I held the stone up to her in the palm of my hand and she exclaimed, “Oh! How cool!” Then, to my surprise she excitedly said, “I have to take a picture of that! I post heart things on Pinterest!”

While she snapped a photo, I asked, “Really? Everything you post is heart things..?” “Yup,” she responded, “I just love hearts, so I’m always looking for different heart things. This is great, I’m so glad I stopped to talk to you! My name is Paula.”

I instinctively felt I could share a bit more of my intent and I told her that I’d asked my angels to help me find heart rocks and that I found this one by digging in just that spot. Thankfully, she didn’t move away with a startled is she loopy?! look on her face.

Instead, she nodded and accepted what I said, with a bit of wonder glinting in her eye.

Now, what are the chances of not only finding this stone, but moments later a woman stopping to talk to me, out of all the other people on that beach at just that moment, and the ONE item she posts on Pinterest is heart stuff?!

My college statistics classes were never my favorite and I struggled with the complex formulas and probability calculations. But even I’d learned enough to know that the probability of this happening is about 0/ubergazillion.

The help had to have come from a higher Source.

As I pondered this realization, I began to feel the sure sign of confirmation from Spirit that I’d grown used to. The left side of my head, neck, and shoulder began to tingle. Ah, yes. There it is…thank you for letting me know my thoughts are on target. 

Oh, but, lest I question what had just happened, much to my delight, they were not done!

There's More!

I turned and decided to go back in the direction I’d come from originally. I’d already found an amazing heart rock so I wasn’t picking up too many, and just puttered along looking for any kind of interesting rock.

Continuing in an unplanned and zig-zaggy pattern, my eye caught a vibrant color moving only inches above the beach, which was filled with earth toned hues. There it was again! The periwinkle butterfly! Of course, I assumed it was the same one. After all, it was one of only a few butterflies I’d seen that day. 

Near it, another rock caught my eye. As I picked it up I recognized the unique shape.

Darned if it wasn’t that same one I’d picked up and dropped earlier – the one that looked kind of like the head of an ax, or the shape of Tennessee!


I’d already forgotten it, but there it was again in the same place I’d dropped it, with the butterfly flying around! This time I decided there was something to that rock and I would take it home with me.

Then I felt drawn to my left and remembered the cleared spot in the sand where I had decided to come back and sit. I walked up to the clearing and prepared to lay out my beach towel.

Bending down I cleared a few sticks and debris and my eye was drawn to a flat rock. I did a double take. Are you kidding?! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and broke out into a huge smile.

heart-rock-drawnRight there in front of me was a heart that someone had scratched-drawn onto a rock.

Once again, what is the likelihood I would come across this one rock no larger than four inches wide?

Especially considering how I had found my way back to this spot – the perywinkle butterfly; finding the axe/Tennesse rock a second time; that same rock reminding me of the place I wanted to sit (which was over 15 feet to the left); and then, right there on the whole expanse of beach is a rock someone had lovingly drawn a heart on!

This was yet another probability equation that I knew I had no skill or interest in calculating. 

Still…I looked around at nearby rocks. The little skeptic in my head considered the artist may have drawn several and there might be many to find. But I saw no others; just the one.

Due to the size for bringing it home, I did not keep this one and set it back down exactly where I found it, hoping it would be as meaningful for the next person who saw it.

"Look at the shape."

Finally, I spread out my towel and got comfortable, reflecting on the wonder of finding these two heart rocks. I sipped on water and watched the gorgeous waves rolling in and all the others on the beach who were sun-bathing, walking, reading, swimming and rock hunting.

I was mainly enjoying the scenery, but absentmindedly ran my hands through the sand on both sides of my towel. I felt a smooth rock about the size of a silver dollar.

I pulled it from the sand and found it intriguing as it was the same layered texture of several other stones I’d picked up that day. It was obvious Lake Erie produces many of these layered, shale-like rocks.

I was surprised when in my mind I heard, “Put your nail on that layer you’re looking at right there, and ever so gently, peel it back.” I thought, “No, come on. This can’t possibly be another…”

But of course I did as instructed. Gently, with the very tip of my nail, I began to peel as if carefully removing the top of an Oreo cookie while trying not to snap it.

A layer not much thicker than a thick leaf came off and I heard, “Look at the shape.” 

I looked at the piece I held in my finger tips and gasped. No way. NO WAY! (By that point, I must admit there were one or two colorful words mixed in, which I’ll refrain from writing.)

By now you can probably guess what shape the layer was. You got it! A heart!


The pictures say it all. The  first one shows the separated layers, but the second one shows the heart even more clearly, where I laid it back on the rock I peeled it from.  

I was filled with such glee and gratitude and repeatedly thanked my angels and guides!

I carefully tucked the rock in with the two others I’d collected and sat a bit longer before deciding to head back to my hotel.

I reflected on how incredible this heart-rock-peeled-onall was. What an experience! Imagine the scenario that lead me to find this third heart rock!

Finding the drawn heart; laying my towel in that exact spot; leisurely sifting through the sand; then feeling that rock and being guided to pull it out.


Even the staunchest skeptic, of which I would have been in the past, would have a hard time trying to reason this away.

I was awestruck!

Exclamation Point!

About a half hour later I stood, shook out my towel and gathered my belongings. Fully satisfied and convinced by the rocks my angels helped me find, I enjoyed the view as I walked the beach back toward the parking lot where I’d left my rental car.

I wasn’t as focused on checking out rocks, but still glanced down now and again and picked up a couple to look at the shapes.

Not far from the exit point to the parking lot I was drawn to a light grey rock, bigger than the others I’d been picking up. I nearly ignored it but was strongly compelled to bend over and heard, “Check out that one.”

I held it and enjoyed how silky smooth it felt. Well. What do you think the shape was?

Low and behold it was another big ‘ol heart rock! You’ll see in the photo, it looks nearly like an exclamation point!

I laughed again with glee and felt the tingles on the left side of my head. WOW! My angels, you sure showed me!


Of course, I also decided to save this last rock and headed to my car filled with gratitude and wonder. I will forever treasure these heart rocks.

During the class that week, I kept the first tiny heart rock we found in my pocket so it was with me the entire time.

It brought the loving energy and support from my angels and was also grounding in its earth properties.

A Wonderful Week

Oh, I almost forgot. You might be wondering how the training went and did I do alright?

Well, as is so often the case when we question ourselves or worry if we’re good enough for something, I shouldn’t have worried.

Thankfully, the week of intense training was wonderful and my abilities were right in sync with a fabulous group of classmates!

The experience and wealth of things we learned went way beyond my expectations, and the week turned out to be a milestone, on many levels, in my development as an evidential medium.

Most importantly - I had tons of fun and pushed myself to new levels I couldn’t have imagined myself tackling!

And my dear angels did just as they’d promised - they were with me, “every step of the way, every second of every day!”

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