“I will show you purple flowers.”

A visit to a funky vintage store brings unexpected signs from spirit!

I recently had an amazing experience that I want to share with you! It’s a wonderful example of those magical, synchronous signs that we can get from those across the veil, letting us know they are with us and assuring us of their continued love. My hope in sharing this is that it will help others be more assured of their own experiences when sensing those in spirit around them. Those times when you feel you’ve received an evidential sign (an object, a song, a smell or just a strong feeling) and wonder, Was that real? Or at the very least, if this kind of thing sounds like total woo woo and doesn’t sit well with your sensibilities (and I understand that!), perhaps it might ignite a tiny spark that might open you up to consider the possibility.

Evidence from spirit often comes without us having to ask at all. But sometimes asking can really help! This story shows a concrete example for us analytical, “show me the proof” types, of what can happen when we do ask. So let’s get to it

Copyright belongs to owners of hunt & gather – photo courtesy of store website

It was just a few weeks ago on a Friday. My dear friend Ellen and I had such an incredible adventure at a one-of-a-kind vintage store. Filled to the brim, this store is a picker’s dream to some, an assault on the senses to others, and a mix of the two for others. After a few years of driving by and turning my head to gawk, this would be a first time visit to hunt & gather.

I “decided” (I’ll explain the quotes a bit later) at the last minute to take some time to browse here before stopping in at the pet food store, which was my main destination. Ellen was available and decided to join me after I’d been at the store for a short while.


Video screenshot – copyright belongs to owners of hunt & gather

It’s important to give you a sense of the bazillions of finds in this antique-vintage store in order to grasp the uniqueness of the adventure Ellen and I had. You can take my word for it, or you can see for yourself. There’s a fun 3:02 minute old-timey-looking video with a 1930-40’s song on the store’s website. Even if you forward the video and see just a few seconds, you’ll get an idea.

It was in the treasures and doodads that we found a few obscure items that Ellen had in mind. Having joined me after I’d been at the store for about 20 minutes, she reminded me of a conversation we’d had the day before when she had promised to show me something special (yes, I’m purposely not telling you what it is yet…a bit of mystery).

I had gone there just to browse all the stuff in general, but since we ended up at this eclectic store together, I had the feeling Ellen wanted to show me what she’d promised. Mainly, we wandered for about 1.5 hours without looking for anything specific – laughing, chatting, and enjoying each others company.

Oh, but wait. First…did I mention that Ellen is in spirit? Ah, that is important for you to know! Yes, she passed just six months ago in March. So, let me back up a bit to explain and then we’ll get to the really fun stuff!

The day before all of this, Thursday morning, I was sitting on the edge of my bed praying and meditating, as I do every day before my feet touch the floor. I awoke feeling especially sad that morning after a couple of weeks managing some ongoing challenges, and I was especially missing the physical presence of my dear, sweet Ellen.

She’d visited me several times since passing and we’d had some great chats! She’d also come to comfort me a couple times about these same challenges and that’s what she came to do again that morning. I was aware of her sitting right next to me on the bed – tucked in on my left side, her arm around my waist, and her head on my shoulder – just as she would have done when she was here.

Ellen and I met in 2010, and as kindred spirits we grew very close over just six years. When I became a volunteer reader for a vision services program, Ellen was my first and only client. Every two weeks for four years, I went to her apartment and became Ellen’s eyes. She was legally blind from continually declining macular degeneration. I sorted and read her mail to her, did her monthly bills and balanced her checkbook, organized her paperwork and files, and sometimes read her the Bible.

We had reflective conversations, talked current cultural issues, and we laughed. A lot! Although we had a 44 year age difference and came from very different lives, including differing religious and spiritual beliefs, our professional relationship evolved, and we each became one of the most significant people in each other’s lives. For me, Ellen was a loving grandmother-figure I hadn’t had, and she called herself my “Gram.”

During the last couple years of her life, when Ellen’s family had to move her to a care facility, she no longer needed my services as her volunteer reader. But we were such good friends by that time, I of course continued to visit her regularly, and she called me often on the phone. I still have several voice mail messages I’ve saved that I haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to since she passed.

I was the only non-family member privy to the details of her care, was with her during parts of her final hospital stay, and sat vigil for several of her final days while in hospice. Ellen had fallen and broke her hip, had surgery, and like so many, she deteriorated quickly and passed in about six weeks. She was 96 years old. I was honored when Ellen’s family asked me to speak at her memorial service. I am so grateful for every minute I had with her here and for each minute she visits from spirit!

Ellen C. Parsons, 1919-2016
Ellen C. Parsons, 1919-2016

Ellen had such Light within her. You can see it in this picture. (Although mostly blind, she always wore her snazzy, turquoise glasses because they made her “look better and younger.” And they did!)

So, getting back to that morning I was meditating. I could ‘feel’ Ellen’s presence next to me, nearly as strongly as if she was still wearing her human suit.

It felt like if your eyes were closed and someone you have a deep heart connection with came and sat next to you. Without seeing them, you would know they were there and know who it was. As I felt Ellen’s energy more strongly, I cried. The more I could feel her consoling me, the more I cried. I could be free and release the pain without any embarrassment.

Once I quit blubbering, we chatted and joked around a bit. I can hear the next question, “Are you serious?! How do you know your mind didn’t just make up this conversation?” Even though I could feel and ‘hear’ Ellen just like I do any spirit I connect with during a mediumship reading, I do tend to question it more when it’s one of my own loved ones.

So, yes, part of my mind still wonders, even though I’ve learned to trust the connections…overall. But because my human mind can sometimes be just a tiny bit anal-retentive when it comes to needing details and facts to assuage my analytical mind (I know exactly which of you are laughing right now!), I ask spirit for evidence. “Please show me evidence that we actually had this conversation,” I ask them. “Please make it undoubtedly clear. Hit me upside the head with it, so I don’t question.”

That day while I was talking with Ellen, I also asked for evidence. I reminded her that the last time we’d connected, I’d asked, but I didn’t feel I received any signs. I usually attribute this to either me creating some type of block, simply not noticing, or maybe I wasn’t supposed to be shown the evidence for a lesson on my soul’s journey. Right after I asked for evidence this time, she communicated clearly through my thoughts and I heard, “I will show you purple flowers.”

I said, ‘Oh, cool…one of my favorites.” And she repeated, “I will show you purple flowers.” I said, “That would be wonderful! Now, you know they can’t be flowers I see all the time. You know, I have those purple morning glories out on the deck I see every day…and there are some I see often on my walks…it would need to be different flowers for me to believe it’s you.” (Yup, that anal-retentive thing rears its head.)

But knowing me and being just as analytical and fact-finding as myself, Ellen just chuckled. She said, “I know, I know. I’d want the same thing!” Again she said, “I’m still learning how to do this [interact and communicate from spirit] but I’m getting it…remember, be open to how you see the flowers. They might not be actual flowers…it could be on your computer…a picture…an image of a flower.”

And then in my minds eye, as clear as day, she purple-pansyshowed me a purple pansy. It looked as if it was on an 8 ½ x 11 flash card – a beautiful, singular, purple pansy with gold highlights. Just like the one pictured here.

That afternoon, after Ellen’s visit during my morning meditation, I was thinking about a couple of errands I had to run the next day.  The thought popped into my mind that hunt & gather was in the same area and that maybe I should stop and check it out this time. I didn’t put much more thought into it, but it did pop into my mind again the next morning as I was planning my day that Friday. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I was in the mood for such a store – I knew it would be interesting and fun, yet overwhelming with the amount of inventory, along with being surrounded by lots of old things filled with residual energy.

Another important point in this story is that during that same afternoon, after Ellen’s morning visit, I had an impromptu, out loud conversation with my guides after having seen 333 on the stove clock.

The repeat numbers…111, 1111, 222, 333, 444…are common signs from the angels and our other ethereal helpers and I see them multiple times a day. I’ve learned from my guides and angels what general message they are trying to give me. But I wasn’t sure this day, so I thanked them and waved as I usually do, but also spoke out loud about some of my concerns and frustrations with some specific things going on in my life. As you are reading, keep this conversation in mind…all these bits come together – I promise.

So now we’re to that Friday again – the day after Ellen visited during my meditation and my guides showed me 333. I had an appointment in the morning and later planned to go to the specialty pet food store, which is about 23 miles from home, in the same area as the vintage store. I had some extra time before heading to the store, so I caught up on a few emails while sitting in my car.

This brings me to another part of the story that’s important to add at this point. One of the emails I sent was to my friend Suzanne Giesemann, a fellow medium, and also a spiritual teacher.

Not only has she been one of the most significant guides on my spiritual journey, both she and her husband, Ty, are fun and treasured friends. That day, I sent Suzanne a quick note thanking her for a client referral. She replied moments later, and as I was starting my car, I quickly read her email. It said, “Go get ‘em tiger.”

Hm, did I read that right? Since I’d skimmed it quickly, I read it again because it just didn’t sound like Suzanne. The phrase didn’t feel like one she’d normally use. But seeing that I’d got it right, I immediately smiled. I thought it was fun and what I did feel was supported. Out of the blue, the conversation I’d had with my guides the afternoon before popped into my head. I intuitively felt the two were maybe connected. I thought, Huh. That’s cool; then put my car in drive and didn’t think anymore of it as I headed out for my errands.

It wasn’t until I was within five miles of the pet food store that hunt & gather popped in my head again. I debated lightly about stopping, and thought, Nah. But as I neared the area, the thought kept coming that it would be a good day for it because I had the time. It was literally at the last intersection, where I either had to turn left or go straight, that I decided to turn and head to the quirky store I’d gawked at so many times before.

It was a busy Friday afternoon in a popular location, yet the minute I turned the corner another car pulled out and I got an open parking spot right across the street from hunt & gather. Gosh, my parking angels were working overtime! My conversation with Ellen the day before suddenly popped in my head, it hadn’t been on my mind at all yet that day. In a few fleeting thoughts I wondered if that and the store visit were tied together. Was that why I felt nudged to stop? I thought. “I will show you purple flowers,” she had promised. I didn’t want to have preconceived ideas or expectations, so I put that thought aside and knew if there was some Divine guidance going on, I would be shown.

Now, we’re finally back to where this story started – when I went in the store and sensed Ellen joining me! (But all that background is part of the greater picture of what happened.)

As I began browsing I noticed the store held an exorbitant collection of ephemera of all sizes – from tiny tags and cards – to huge posters and prints. Many areas held wildlife and nature paintings and images. I fleetingly fingered a number of items that were intriguing. As I walked past a vintage coin operated horse ride – the little round kind like the ones that used to be outside of Woolworth’s or Piggly Wiggly (oops, I just dated myself, didn’t I?) – I saw a three tier rounded rack.

Each tier was inches deep with post cards. I thought they’d be fun to leaf through, but from three feet away, I immediately felt drawn to the bottom rack and my eyes caught this little flash of purple near the back, right on the top layer. I couldn’t see what the image was, only the bit of purple. I felt compelled to reach for it. What do you think the image was?


Yup, purple flowers! As big as day. At first I actually kind of thought I just happened to pick up a pretty card with purple flowers, but then I immediately became aware of Ellen nearby. I could feel her just like I feel spirits next to me when I’m giving readings. “How’s that?” Ellen asked, with a gleeful grin.

Always the healthy skeptic with the analytical mind, I wondered if it was chance. So Ellen prompted me to lay the card back down on the layer I’d found it on. She said, “Now, what are the chances you’d find this – one of the first things you’ve picked up in the store – laying right on top?” She had a valid point. I thought of buying it then, but I decided not to and left it where I found it. I thanked Ellen several times.



I didn’t do a very good job with the picture to the right to show that these are sitting about 3-4 inches deep. And when I came upon it, it was in the back, out of my direct view.

I wondered around the rest of the upstairs and could feel Ellen with me. I kind of kept my eye out for purple flowers, but wasn’t specifically looking for them – I was just experiencing all the store had to offer. There were a few things I saw that had a few little purple type flowers, but nothing glaring and they didn’t feel like there was anything special about me seeing them.

When I decided to head to the lower level I felt Ellen’s energy become even stronger and I started seeing that purple pansy in my mind’s eye again.

I’d almost forgotten about that until then. I wondered if Ellen was going to help me discover a purple pansy in addition to the purple flowers she’d shown me. My analytical and logical human mind didn’t want it to be someplace obvious, though, so that I could fully squash any doubt that I came across it on my own.

ellen-pansy-aAfter browsing a section of the basement, and trying not to be too overwhelmed by all the STUFF around me, I turned into one of the many little alcove areas. Look at the photo on the left and you’ll get a sense of the mixture of things I was seeing. Also, look in the lower left corner, there is a small black frame with gold gilding, sitting just behind the big book. I walked past these framed paintings on the left, barely noticing them (and didn’t see the black one at that point), and went into the deep, back corner over on the right.





I quickly got a bit claustrophobic and turned to head out of the alcove. My eyes fell on the framed pictures and I felt guided to them and was prompted to pull out the black and gold frame in front – from this direction I could see it.

The image to the right shows where the painting was roughly, but it was actually tucked down behind the can of used paint stir sticks(?). In this photo I had picked it up and put it back.


Now look at the close up! Yup, those are purple pansies alright! I could feel Ellen by me chuckling and feeling quite proud of herself. Wow, wow! This is amazing! Thank you, Ellen!


I sure couldn’t deny these were purple pansies and I knew something bigger was happening and could feel Ellen so clearly.

But my human mind always looks for the most obvious or logical explanation first, which I’m actually fine with – I’d rather have this balance.

My soul can feel what is true, but my human thoughts are always part of the mix when I’m just going about life…vs. connecting with spirit in mediation or a reading (when it’s easier…much of the time…to trust the information).


So I said to Ellen, “This is so cool! You know what would be fun? How about three times the charm? Do you think you could help me find another purple pansy and then I’ll know without a doubt you are indeed here guiding me.. And these are purple…but they’re kind of muted…not like the one you kept showing me in my mind’s eye.” I know, what a picky pain, huh?! But again, Ellen just laughed. She knows me and she again said she’d be the same way, and reminded me she wouldn’t even have believed in this stuff while she was alive.

By the way, while she was alive, due to her religious beliefs, Ellen did not believe we should communicate with Spirit, based on the Bible. I approached the subject a couple times, wanting to share my work as a medium with her (which came into my life nearly two years after I’d met Ellen); but based on her response that she felt it was “wrong,” I knew it would make her uncomfortable…and me, too. So I kept it to myself, hoping that someday when she was on the other side she would understand – both why I do this work and why I didn’t tell her. And I know from her signs and the ‘conversations’ we’ve had, that she sure does understand it now!


After asking Ellen to try and show me one more pansy, we wandered a bit. The photo on the right gives you another idea of the eclectic findings here. Lot’s of taxidermy and even just piles of animal bones (which I found kind of bothersome). I began to feel Ellen even stronger near me – she was on my left side again and tucked her arm in my elbow like she so often used to do.

“Why do you want to look at all this old stuff?!” Ellen asked through her thoughts. I replied, “I know. But isn’t this fun?! You can come with me now and you can actually SEE!” “Before, [when you were alive] you wouldn’t have been physically able to come here…even if you did have your eyesight.” Ellen quickly retorted, “I wouldn’t have ever come to a place like this with you even if I could!! Ugh, there’s so much stuff!” That was SO Ellen!

As I neared the steps to go back up to the street level of the store, I said to Ellen, again telepathically, “We’re nearing the end, Ellen, before I head back upstairs. I guess there aren’t anymore pansies anywhere you can show me.” I hate to admit I was feeling a bit disappointed.

But right then, I moved out of the way so a young man could pass me and noticed a shelving unit I hadn’t seen the first time I walked near it (kind of like what happened with the other pansy painting). Nothing on it interested me to look at, but I instantly felt guided to go to the third shelf down from the top, on the right side, where there was a tray of little gift tag type things.


You can see the shelves in this picture – and you can also get a sense of how many other things were on that shelf. But I barely recall even seeing them – I was so zoned in on the tray.

In my thoughts, I heard, “Move a couple of those on top, in the front, about three layers down.” That big blue butterfly you can see in the photo was one of those on top that I moved. My eye was guided to a non-descript corner of a tag and I heard from Ellen, “Take that little corner there and pull the tag out.” Now, remember back to the first picture I showed you of the pansy I’d been seeing since the day before in my mind’s eye?


 Bingo! Yup, can’t get much more blatant than that. Wow!



And look in the photo to the right how small this little tag is.

That tray was filled with tiny cards that someone had patiently and lovingly cut – putting each image over two other layers of paper and joining them with a little bow, creating a greeting card, gift tag, placement holder, ornaments…there were hundreds in that tray. What are the chances I’d find that on my own? I would become brain dead trying to calculate that statistical probability!!!

I was so delighted!!! And as I held this card with the beautiful pansy I could feel Ellen’s delight, her pride in how she’s learned to do this, and her love. I thanked her and we laughed some more…she still held on to my arm as I went back upstairs.

There was no doubt I was going to buy this card; I also decided to go back upstairs and buy the first postcard of purple flowers, knowing without a doubt now that Ellen had lead me to that one, too. I figured I could manage the sum total of $2.25. After all, they were having a 20% Off Everything sale that day.

As I went back upstairs I could feel that Ellen was still with me, but her energy was beginning to fade. I was thinking of checking out at the register, but began to feel a bit odd about going to the register and spending such a tiny amount. Especially after being in the store for nearly 1.5 hours! I know I shouldn’t have worried about this as it was my prerogative. It was self-imposed discomfort…or at least I thought it was self-imposed…

I hadn’t seen anything I was interested in buying and didn’t know what I would get to raise the purchase price a bit. Out of the blue, I remembered that I had wanted to buy a card for some friends and also recalled seeing some new greeting cards made by artists, in a section I’d been in earlier – not far from the first purple flowers card. I returned to that area and after checking out a couple carousels, I recalled another one in the back corner. Earlier, I’d barely glanced at it. But I felt compelled to rotate it and look more closely at each card.

All of a sudden my eyes were drawn to a card and I did a double take. There in front of me were the exact same words my friend Suzanne had just emailed me not 2.5 hours earlier!

Do you remember the email I mentioned earlier? Check it out.


This is not exactly a phrase that’s common to see every day on a card! Or even just to hear often – at least I don’t! But to see it just hours apart? Pretty awesome, isn’t it?!!

I knew this synchronous match, which was on top of all the signs from Ellen, was a direct sign from my guides and angels in response to the out loud conversation I’d had with them  just the day before. The one I told you about earlier, when I saw 333.

Lest I doubt that this sign was from them, I immediately felt the “Tadah! Tingles” (what I’ve grown to call them) on my left side. This is a common sensation from spirit when I’ve ‘got it’ or am correctly interpreting their intended message….or just when they’re near me and our vibrations are in high-sync mode.

“Go get’em Tiger!” There were layers of meaning to this message when considering the chat I’d had with my ethereal helpers. Boy, I sure heard them! I knew without a doubt this was a synchronistic sign from those helping me from the other side and looked forward to sharing with Suzanne how she’d been used as an instrument that day. It was not the first time that Spirit had used one of us as an instrument for the other, to provide verifiable evidence of a connection. But it was amazing how it was so tied in with the store visit and the finds from Ellen!

After emailing Suzanne and sending her a photo of the card, she confirmed the sign when she replied that there was also no doubt on her end that she’d been deliberately prompted to say that exact phrase when she emailed me that morning. In fact, she said the words popped in her head and as she was typing them she had the similar thought I did, that the words were not something she would usually say. Especially in reply to what I’d thanked her for.

She said she even thought about back-spacing and changing the message because she felt it was “so NOT” her! But “something” kept her from doing it. Suzanne also mentioned she wasn’t aware that Spirit was still working with her at that point (as she knew they had been earlier, with some of her work correspondence). But as a highly skilled medium and spirit communicator, who works with higher consciousness multiple times every day, she went with the prompt.

I’m so grateful she did! What another example of how Spirit orchestrates things between us!

What amazes me is that I wasn’t even sure I was going to go to that store that day. I had “decided” to go at the last minute. Or did I? Remember earlier when I said I would explain why I put “decided” in quotes”? It sure doesn’t seem like I decided on my own, does it? Clearly, I was following a prompt that felt strong, even though I had no clue of the meaning it had. And it was really the higher realms that moved my ‘strings’ and nudged me to go! Both for Ellen to have the opportunity to show me the evidence she promised; and for my guides to do the same thing! I sure had lots of energies with me on that jaunt. Incredible!

So if you want signs from your ethereal helpers and your loved ones – ask! They don’t mind us asking, and seem to have a lot of fun showing us the proof!

Have no doubt; experiences just like I shared here are possible for everyone. There’s nothing special about me having this happen and you don’t have to be a medium. I might be more experienced and practiced at feeling the connection and knowing how to clear my mind to tap into it. But all of us can do it!

And as you learn to pay more attention to these signs and tap in, you’ll become more aware of how those “coincidences” are actually synchronicities that come from a higher Source, because they have no other explanation. You just need to be open to it, listen, and trust your intuition. Most of you already know exactly what I’m talking about. The majority of people know they get signs from loved ones in spirit, or from angels and guides – they just won’t often tell other people about it! Because that human mind keeps us questioning…all of us. That’s why I asked Ellen for “three times the charm.”

After I checked out of the store that day, I was walking on the sidewalk and heading toward the pet food store. I’d gotten sidetracked with the sign from my guides and had kind of forgotten about Ellen!

All of a sudden, I felt her alongside me as I was heading toward the crosswalk at a busy intersection. She was excited. “Terri! Now do you believe it was really me?!” I laughed while trying to watch for cars, all while I had a spirit by my side. (Just a few short years ago, I would not have been so assured in writing that sentence!) I said, “Oh, Ellen, yes! You sure showed me! Wasn’t that fun?!”

She agreed and then asked if we could do it again sometime – go shopping together, maybe with her showing me evidence she was there. She liked this new skill she’s developed on the other side. I said, “You betcha!” Her parting request was, “Next time, can we go somewhere without so much stuff?!” Ha!

Thank you, thank you – Ellen, Spirit, and Suzanne – for the part each of you played in that extra-special day.

Go get’em Tiger!

****** Photos of me and Ellen. Unfortunately, all I have are a couple of poor quality cell phone shots. But I still treasure them and think they show the special love between us!

Sept. 2011
April 2014

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