"Terri, thank you for the peace you have put back into my life. It is a life changer. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that you did make contact with [my son] and were so right on, in so many ways.
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My heart is so full of wonder, love and joy at this very moment and I know and feel they [loved ones on the other side] are all with me now. Thank you for caring, for giving so generously of your time, for doing what you do."

~ E.M., California
"What a beautiful surprise when you connected with my "Big Grandma", Terri. She is the last person I expected, but the evidence you brought through was beyond any doubt!
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The messages she brought were not only for me, but clearly for my sister-in-law. They brought much comfort to both of us. It was a bonus to have my late husband pop in with his humor. As you know, I work for one of the best evidential mediums on this planet and I know a good reading when I see one. 🙂 The reading you gave me was first rate. Thank you for your gift and using it to serve."

~ Bev Garlipp, Florida
"I am so grateful for what you do and how you help people. I can't tell you how well I am doing [since the reading]. I feel so much peace and relief from being able to spend time with him [dad] again. Thank you again for everything you do - you have forever changed my life."

~ Jade W., Minnesota
"I was absolutely thrilled with my reading. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to hear from a loved one. Terri is so sincere and so helpful and I will be forever grateful to her.
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Before the reading, my concern was if my husband of 48 years would be able to come through. I trust and know that there are people who are able to reach spirits and I truly wanted to hear from my love. I was surprised at the ease with which Terri was able to contact Jim and to give me evidence so that I could be absolutely sure it was him speaking. I was so happy that this was able to happen and that I could ask questions and get such clear loving answers. Even to the fact that he made statements that were exactly the way he would phrase something. His sense of humor came through and he assured me that he was alright. He told me that for both our sakes, he wanted me to move on with my life and stop being so sad. Before I had the reading, my concern was that, even though I knew he was with God, I felt he was lost to me. Now I know that is not the case and it gives me a feeling of such peace."

~ Nancy O'Neal, Florida
"You did not know what my wishes were, but you brought them to me. Every one of them and much more. That day changed my life.
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Almost everything surprised me about our experience. It was my first reading ever. I did not know what to expect and didn't have any expectations, but I had wishes. What confirmed it for me was your description of my loved one. He was my wish and you described him physically and characteristically perfectly. I knew it was him. You spoke like him and you told me things he said that only he would say to me. You allowed me to have one more hour with my loved one. For one hour the hole in my heart was filled. But it didn't end there, because I KNEW if I could connect with him for that one hour, that for the rest of my life in this physical world, that I could connect with him at any time because he was with me. I have recommended you to friends and have told them of my experience with you."

~ Janine Timm, Minnesota
"Thank you for an amazing experience on Saturday. It met all my hopes and wishes for the reading.
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The few people I have told are also amazed. You have such a special gift, thank you for sharing it with me."

~ Karol, Minnesota
"I had contacts with mediums before meeting with you and of course you were highly recommended by Suzanne Giesemann, so my comfort level was good.
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The thing that surprised me the most was that my only brother came through and assured me that he was working on his issues on the other side and that our father was helping him. I was truly surprised that he came through in an evidential way and that there was no way that you could have read my mind since he was definitely not on my agenda when I came to you and since we had never met, there was no way that you could have known that I had a brother who was deceased.

If I were to recommend you to a friend, I would say that I had a reading with you and that it provoked healing work between my brother and myself. It felt good to know that we can resolve issues even when those who troubled us in this dimension cross over."

~ D.K., Florida
"Terri is an amazing evidential medium! I have been personally blessed to have my loved ones come through to Terri for me, and it is truly an experience like no other."

~ Amy Osman, Minnesota
"You truly have a gift, Terri. Thank you so very much! I felt like you were someone I had known for a long time as you were so easy to talk to!
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I was curious to see who would show up to visit. I was surprised by those that did come through with a message and was blessed by both. I would tell a friend how at ease I felt in meeting you, Terri (and I have shared with others already). Also, I felt comfortable during the reading and appreciated that you made sure I was comfortable and aware of what to expect before, during, and after the reading. I felt a sense of blessing and peace knowing that loved ones care and wanted to share messages with me. I feel like it is something that people should not be afraid to try. I look forward to another reading in the future!"

~ Jackie J., Minnesota
"You are a very evidential medium and have completed a great deal of training, apprenticeship, and personal study to become the best medium possible.
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I would say that you came from an entirely different background, one of fact and clearly defined communication and were drawn to this world and thus explored a skill set that you never knew you had. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asked for a reference."

~Theresa Nielsen, Minnesota
"Your sharing with me about these two connections [with messages from my family members recently in spirit] has helped me immensely with my grieving and coming to terms with this tragedy...
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... what I need to do, and being able to move on with life, etc. The anxiety of all of this has left me, so I have been able to let that go. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you!!!!"

~ Christy J., Minnesota
"I've spent this whole day in a space of enormous gratitude [day after reading].
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--From a group reading with four family members.--
You don't know this, but when my brother died a part of my daughter shut down; closed off, suspended in time. I've been trying ever since then to help her get back to living fully. Please take a moment to realize my situation. After we left I could tell she was changed. You and Randy [brother in spirit] gave me my daughter back. How do I thank you for that? How do I express to you the impact your gift has on lives? I don't know that I can. To see my granddaughter happy to have been able to hear from her grandfather who suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack at a young unexpected age. How do you thank someone for that? I can't ever thank you enough; never.

We all feel drained today but as a family, we feel whole again. Thank you, Terri."

~J.T. and family, Minnesota
"What surprised me the most was the accuracy that Terri described my loved one and the peace and joy I felt when I knew that my loved one was really there and communicating to me through Terri.
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I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she put me at ease. I would highly recommend Terri to a friend or family member and indeed I have already.

Additional note: Terri, that reading has given me so much confidence and peace knowing that my son is at peace and happy. You are so very good. Never doubt your gifts."

~ J.W., Minneapolis
"Terri was great to work with. We had a laughter-filled chat with my grandmother.
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Our chat brought back wonderful memories and it was a delight to reconnect with my grandmother."

~ Anonymous, Minnesota
"I would be happy to recommend anyone to Terri if they want a true and honest reading. She is very dedicated to her calling. Her spirituality shows in her daily life.
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I had always wanted to have a reading, but never knew who I should trust. I wasn't sure how to vet a Medium. Would I get some one who would base the reading on a lot of questions and guess what I wanted hear? That was not what I wanted. As a long time friend, I knew I could trust Terri. I was surprised at Terri's personal preparation for the reading [taking time for meditation and prayer]. I also was surprised by the people that came through. She accurately described someone she never knew nor had ever seen a picture of. After the reading I showed her a picture. That is exactly who I saw, she told me. Also, my Grandmother came and gave me very good advice and encouragement that I was needing at the time."

~ P.S., Minnesota
"Keep an open mind and you will hear the greatest messages of love and encouragement!
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I was nervous I would hear something I didn’t want to hear that would either scare me about my future or hear a negative message from a loved one. I was also worried no one would come through since I lost my grandmother very long ago. I liked how it was very relaxing and easy to do. You only had to answer yes or no to questions and not get into specifics. I enjoyed hearing from my spirit guide the most – very encouraging. "

~ M.W., Minnesota
"Terri was very reassuring and made my first time a very positive and enlightening experience. I felt very comfortable and at ease and felt such a positive energy by the time I left.
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I was surprised at first about who came through the first and strongest... The comments and thoughts I received from them made me feel better, gave me a better understanding. I guess it made me see things from a different point of view. what please me the most was when my father came through and you held my hand as it was his. It meant a lot and what was said meant a lot.

I would suggest that anyone who was serious about going to a medium Terri is one of the best. Her calm spirit makes you feel so at home and open. Make sure you have an open mind and heart, some times the signs and meanings do not come through right away...they will. Terri is worth every minute you spend with her. I would recommend anyone to her."

~S. Lawman, Minnesota
"I was so delighted to have my grandparents come through - and the vivid detail and heartwarming messages communicated will stay with me always!
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[What concerned me about having a reading was] mainly, my lack of understanding as to what to expect during a reading as well as insight around spirit and human. You provided me with a solid introduction into these these topics, as well as walked me through the upcoming steps of the reading. This provided a solid framework for the experience. First, I would highlight your calm demeanor and warm personality - very welcoming traits. Also, your ability to lay a foundation around spirit and human - via logic and compassion - which enabled me to grasp the concept and desire to understand further."

~Traci R., Minnesota
"Thank you so much for the gift you gave to me [of a reading]! You are extremely talented.
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It was such an awesome experience and even cooler to find out more once I talked to my family [to confirm evidential details that came through from my family on the other side]."

~M.W., Minnesota