Tips for a Great Reading

The best way you can approach a reading is to come with an open mind, an open heart, and set aside expectations.  You may be hoping to connect with a particular spirit or are looking for specific messages. It's possible you may get just that, or it may be something else entirely. Spirit always knows what is needed for our highest level of good – both in terms of who comes through, and what messages we receive. We can rest assured that those we are connected to on the other side of the veil, including our spirit guides and angels, will bring us the messages that we most need to hear, even if it’s not always what we may want to hear.

Sometimes we want to hear that “one thing” that will prove to us that a medium is talking to our loved one, even if we’ve received multiple pieces of evidence that are unique to that person, and that the medium had no way of knowing. Unfortunately, that approach can put restrictions on spirit or create a barrier, leaving us disappointed. Most of us don't really appreciate being asked to express ourselves in a certain way or with specific words, right? That doesn't tend to change after we pass to the spirit world. Occasionally, those you know in spirit may mention exactly the thing you asked them say - but that's rare. 

It's hard work for spirits to communicate telepathically through the higher realms. It's not all up to the medium. Spirit has to lower their vibration while the medium raises theirs, in order to make the connection. We don’t want to make it harder. So it’s important to trust spirit and give them the freedom to choose what they want to say and how; then respectfully be willing to acknowledge and validate it. Being open to different possibilities and unexpected spirits and messages, can bring the deepest levels of comfort and profound experiences!

Know that a reading isn't just for us, it's also for those in spirit.  Connecting with the other side provides us assurance that life is eternal, that our loved ones are still around us, and that they are at peace and happy. It also gives us another chance to say those things we left unsaid. That's also usually spirit's intent: letting us know that life continues and that they’re okay, saying what was unsaid, assuring us of their love, or giving us guidance. They often want to talk to us even more than we want to talk to them!

We continue to grow and evolve in spirit - that doesn't end after we cross to the other side. So there may be spirits (even some we barely knew or maybe never knew in this lifetime) who come through with an unexpected message because they need to get it across for their own growth, for our benefit, or usually, for the benefit of all involved. Sometimes we discover we had a positive impact on a life just through our words or the smallest of gestures. Or we discover that a relative from another generation, who we never knew here, is guiding and watching over us. If we can remain open to it being an experience that benefits everyone involved – us and them - it's all the more rich and rewarding!

Help increase your chances of talking to specific spirits by talking to them prior to the reading and inviting them to come through clearly during our session. Know that some spirits have the ability to communicate more easily than others. Those who were reserved, quiet, or shy in life, can remain so, and sometimes need more encouragement than those who are very outgoing. Similarly, if you had a difficult relationship with someone, by asking them to come through, you're also letting them know the door is open and that you would like to hear from them. This is not in any way necessary on your part - if a spirit really needs to come through, they'll typically find a way - but it can't hurt. It's like ringing a door bell or calling someone on the phone. It raises your energy connection and let's them know you're interested.

Keep in mind that some spirits have the ability to communicate more easily than others based on their energy vibration and where they are on their soul’s journey.  A spirit's ability to communicate through a medium varies, and the connection with a particular medium can also vary based on how well their energies our in sync. Just like a radio or cell phone signal; sometimes it’s clear and full strength, and other times it’s fuzzy and hard to decipher – requiring more effort or different techniques to tune in and get a clear signal. And just like while we’re in human form, sometimes we quickly feel connected to someone and can communicate with ease. While in other cases, the connection is ‘off’ or takes effort, and communication is more of a challenge. These variations can also occur with those in spirit form.

A few bullet points:

  • Talking with those in spirit is comforting and healing, but it’s also FUN and always filled with LOVE!
  • Be willing to work with me to interpret the information that comes through if it’s fuzzy. Specifics may come up that may have significance to you or make sense to you, and only you know the interpretation.
  • Know that I might be a bit off sometimes in how I relay a message; but if overall it rings true for you and feels right, that’s what’s important. Acknowledging this helps the communication flow and lets spirit know that you understand what they’re trying to get across.
  • Keep in mind that not everything fits; try to focus on that which does fit, and be willing to let go of that which doesn't.  The evidence that fits should definitely outweigh that which doesn’t. But some things might only make sense to you at some point down the road; you might need help validating the information through someone else; or a few things may never quite make sense.

My intent for every reading I give is to help make it the best possible experience for everyone involved. It is such an honor to work in partnership with those on the other side and be of service to them, as well as each person who comes to me for a reading.

My hope is that the reading is a time of love, affirmation, and understanding between the sitters (those receiving the reading) and the souls who are dear to them. For me, mediumship is a sacred opportunity to serve Spirit and help people.

Going to a medium can feel risky and involves a deep level of trust. We can all feel nervous and apprehensive, especially if it’s our first time! My job is to approach each reading with the utmost empathy and integrity and come prepared to open myself as a clear conduit for spirit to speak through – bringing through details and evidence - while also comforting and uplifting the sitter.

If all of us are willing to engage in the experience and approach it with an open mind and open heart, while doing our best to let go of expectations, we allow ourselves the chance to experience a grace-filled, life changing event!